Data Logger Feature Survey

I am conducting a relatively short survey on what automotive enthusiasts would expect/want from a quality data logging system. The survey will allow you to fully describe what inputs, outputs, data storage, and data display methods you would like to have in a data logging system. At the end of the survey you will also have the ability to enroll in future Alpha testing of Murphy Technology products. 

Oh! I forgot to mention, completing the survey will enter you in a drawing to receive a free cluster repair from Murphy Technology! 


Stephen Murphy
Infinitude - All in one logging and diagnostics software by Murphy Technology

Def: Infinitude - the state or quality of being infinite or having no limit.

I am proud to announce the new project by Murphy Technology. Infinitude.

Infinitude will be the all in one piece of software used for interfacing with all Murphy Technology products. Features include Data Logging, DTC diagnostics, Murphy Technology product configuration, News hub for everything Murphy Technology, and all in one record keeping for your vehicles. 

The idea of this software is to include everything you could ever need for managing your car with infinite possibilities. Stay tuned for updates to the software and upcoming features.