Q: Will Murphy Technology repair my cluster if I have already attempted to?

A: No. No exceptions, Murphy Technology will not attempt a repair if any attempts have been made by others previously. Below is an image of an attempted repair gone wrong. Because of this, severe damage has been caused to the PCB and pads which prevents Murphy Technology from being able to repair the screen. 


Q: Can I still drive my car without the cluster?

A: If you are driving a B5 A4/S4, yes. The B5 chassis does not require a cluster to be installed to run or drive. The C5 chassis however does have an immobilizer and the car can not be ran without the original cluster installed.

Q: What is the typical turnaround for a cluster repair? 

A: Typically the cluster will be repaired on the day it's received and then shipped back to the buyer the next day. This sometimes can all happen on the same day depending on when the cluster is received. It could also take up to two days for the cluster to be returned. This all varies based on what day it is received and at what time. An expected time will be given once the cluster is received for repairs. 

Q: Where do I send my cluster to be repaired?

A: The address will be on the confirmation receipt upon ordering the repair service.

Q: What's the return policy on repair services?

A: See our Returns & Warranty page.